Getting Married? Here’s What You Need to Know About Life Insurance

Marriage is a huge step, both emotionally and financially. As you plan your wedding, you will probably have a million things running through your head, and life insurance should be one of them. At Fulginiti Insurance, serving Aston, PA, we want to help you make the best insurance choices by providing you with reliable insurance information. Keep reading to learn more about life insurance. 

Why Do I Need Life Insurance? 

Life insurance is a type of insurance protection that will provide money to your spouse and children if you pass away. This is a significant way to make sure your family is provided for if you are no longer able to provide for them. Your family’s future financial security could be put in danger if they are left without your financial support. 

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

This is often the first question that is asked when someone starts shopping for life insurance. Life insurance amounts will vary from family to family because each family will have its own individual needs and unique standard of living. Because this can vary so much from family to family, the best way to determine how much life insurance you should purchase is to sit down with an insurance representative. They will be able to discuss your particular family dynamics and needs so that you can make the best possible choice. 

You must include your family in these discussions. This way, you can make sure everyone is on the same page. Some people find discussing life insurance uncomfortable. Our staff will help to ease any discomfort so that you and your family can focus on making a good insurance choice. 

If you would like to learn more about life insurance, please contact our staff at Fulginiti Insurance serving Aston, PA.

What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

If you own a business in the Aston, PA area, it’s crucial for you to understand how commercial insurance works. It is important for you to know how commercial insurance works and have commercial insurance to protect your business. Learn the in’s and out’s of commercial insurance and why it’s vital to keep your business afloat with Fulginiti Insurance experts. 

What Is Commercial Insurance?

Commercial insurance is a type of insurance that provides you with financial coverage if your business’s property, equipment, or reputation is damaged in any way. To help protect your business, here are some areas in which commercial insurance can provide coverage: 

  • Liability
  • Injury to an employee on the job
  • Equipment damage
  • Property damage
  • Lawsuits
  • Legal fees

These are just some of the areas in which commercial insurance can provide your business with coverage. The specific amount of coverage you receive and the type of coverage you get will depend on your choice of commercial insurance policy. To find the right commercial insurance policy for your business, visit Fulginiti Insurance for a consultation. 

How Does Commercial Insurance Help?

Commercial insurance provides relief if your business undergoes some trying times. After all, you’ve put a lot of time and effort into building your business, so it only makes sense that you would want the best protection for something you’ve worked so hard to create. Plus, it would help if you also considered the employees who work for you. They have jobs and need protection, just like your business needs protection, and commercial insurance can protect all of the things that keep your business afloat. 

Get Protected with Fulginiti Insurance

When it’s time to get the right commercial insurance policy for your business, visit Fulginiti Insurance. Our office proudly serves the Aston, PA area. 

What are the benefits of getting renters insurance?

If you move into a new home in the Aston, PA area, it is essential to know your insurance obligations. One form of insurance that you may need is renters insurance. This type of insurance is meant for those that will be renting their home as opposed to purchasing one. Several benefits come with renters insurance that you should be aware of. 

Renters Insurance Provides Valuable Coverage

One of the main benefits of getting renters insurance is that it will provide you with very valuable coverage. When you get renters insurance, you are going to receive protection for your personal belongings that will ensure you are reimbursed if they are severely damaged or stolen. Further, you can receive a liability insurance policy that will give you coverage if you are ever deemed liable for an accident that occurs in your home.

Landlord Will Require Coverage

Another benefit of renters insurance is that your landlord will likely require that you get coverage. When you move into a new apartment, it is imperative that you understand the terms of your lease. In many cases, there will be a section that outlines your insurance needs. When you get this insurance, you can stay in compliance with your lease. It is also often the case that you will not be able to move into your new home until you show evidence of insurance.

Before you move into a new home in the Aston, PA area, you need to make sure that you get the right renter’s insurance policy for your situation. When you are looking for coverage, the team at Fulginiti Insurance can help you to pick a policy. Fulginiti Insurance will be able to do this by assessing your individual situation and making sure that you have the coverage that you need. 

What you should know before buying insurance for your motor home

What you should know before buying insurance for your motor home

Nothing beats the excitement that comes with owning a motorhome. It gives you the freedom to move just about anywhere you want without worrying about getting home late or where to spend the night. However, a motorhome is a huge investment that requires care and protection. If you are looking to buy a motorhome in Aston, PA, you need to also think critically about insurance. Our insurance experts at Fulginiti Insurance can help you make an informed decision. So, what should you know about recreational vehicle insurance?

A motorhome is a vehicle.

A recreational insurance policy is almost similar to auto insurance. You are likely to be all too familiar with the requirements and the amount you need to carry. Like any other car you own, you need to make sure your motorhome is adequately insured before it leaves your driveway. Not carrying insurance can result in fines and penalties from the government as motorhomes are considered to come with the same risks as other vehicles.

Consider your needs and all kinds of physical damage.

When buying insurance, you need to think about your needs, budget, and the number of risks you want your policy to cover. If you intend to live or use the motorhome every day, you may want to consider a higher liability coverage and personal belongings protection. If you are only on the roads during summer, you may want to buy coverage that goes from three to six months and then park your motorhome in a safe location during the offseason.

Speak to an agent

Buying insurance for the first time is not always a walkover; there are so many things to consider and a lot of paperwork to be done. Some insurance companies in Aston, PA also offer discounts to RV owners. Specialty agents can shed light on some of these deals and discounts that can be useful to you.

At Fulginiti Insurance, we are all about caring for what matters to you. Contact us for more information.

Make Sure Your Motorcycle Insurance Meets the Pennsylvania Requirements

Just like automobiles, the state of Pennsylvania requires motorcycle insurance for the two- and three-wheeled vehicles on its roads. Fulginiti Insurance of Aston, PA wants you to understand the state’s requirements, so you ride safer. The state of Pennsylvania defines a motorcycle as a two- or three-wheeled vehicle with an engine of 51 CCs or greater. You must insure this size vehicle against bodily injury and property damage at least in the following minimums:

  • per person bodily injury protection of at least $15,000
  • per accident bodily injury protection of at least $30,000
  • per accident property damage protection of $5,000

While this lets you drive legally on the roads in the state, like most financial advisors, Fulginiti Insurance of Aston, PA recommends you purchase insurance that covers other situations as well. This includes comprehensive and collision insurance policies. Here is what each of the other types of vehicular policies does.

  • Comprehensive: after you pay the deductible, this policy covers the cost of repairs to your motorcycle when its sustains damage from a named peril
  • Collision: It includes a deductible which you must pay before it covers the repairs to your vehicle that you incur when in an accident with an object or vehicle
  • Emergency roadside assistance: pays for you to have roadside assistance when your motorcycle breaks, you are involved in an accident, you run out of gas, etc.

You might also consider medical payments coverage, so your medical bills get covered if a deer hits your motorcycle, or an uninsured motorist hits you. Rental car coverage pays for your rental car while your motorcycle gets repaired or replaced. Contact Fulginiti Insurance today to learn more about Pennsylvania motorcycle insurance. Let us help you stay safer on the road.

How To Calculate How Much Umbrella Insurance To Buy

There are a variety of insurance coverages designed to protect you from losses associated with covered events. One of the most common types of insurance is liability, but many policies aren’t able to provide the level of coverage one needs to prevent impacts on their finances.

Umbrella Insurance Protection

Umbrella insurance is designed to offer the policyholder additional liability protection in certain circumstances. Those who are interested in obtaining umbrella insurance may be wondering how to calculate coverage needs to reflect the individual’s current situation. The most common way to arrive at a figure is to base the coverage off of the net worth of the policyholder. There is a secure method to calculate this amount, which simply translates to what you own, minus the amount you owe, or your debts and liabilities. 

Work With an Agent

The best way to ensure you get the right amount of umbrella insurance protection is to work with an experienced, licensed agent. They can help assess your current situation, and then crunch numbers to arrive at an accurate coverage level. Also, they can offer policy options to choose from and even submit paperwork and claims if necessary. People who are interested in umbrella insurance in the Aston, PA area can rely on Fulginiti Insurance to help them get the protection they need to feel secure. 

If you have special circumstances that leave you vulnerable to liability claims, you need to get the protection an umbrella policy can offer to individuals. Call or stop by the Fulginiti Insurance office today if you live near Aston, PA, and get coverage options that meet your needs and prevent gaps in liability protection.

Renters Insurance Benefits For Residents in Pennsylvania

When individuals such as college students are moving into their first apartment, we recognize this as a great milestone. There are a variety of details that they will have to know and understand about maintaining their place to live. An essential way to make sure that they are protected is to have renters insurance. 

At Fulginiti Insurance, we are based in Aston, PA serving those around the state with a variety of insurance options. We believe in making sure that individuals that are renting apartments have proper insurance. As a renter, you have rights, especially when it comes to protecting your belongings. Here are some details to keep in mind while shopping for renters insurance. 

To start things off, you are not required by Pennsylvania state law to have renters insurance. Thankfully when it comes to weather-based disasters, the owner/landlord is typically responsible for covering the property damage. However, your belongings are your responsibility to protect if the latter happens. Renters insurance also covers you in the case that you’re home is broken into, and your things are stolen. You can also be covered if you have to file a lawsuit while injured on the property due to negligence (i.e., falling on snow/ice because the landlord did not properly have the sidewalk/steps taken care of).

Are you ready to speak to a representative to see what policy is best for you? Our team is here to help you with any questions and concerns that you may have while shopping for renters insurance. Fulginiti Insurance in Aston, PA is ready to help you find the renter’s insurance policy that meets your needs and lifestyle.

Understanding Your Options for Motor Home Insurance

An investment as costly as a motor home deserves to be protected with insurance. Most states require that you have at least liability coverage before taking your RV out on the road. At Fulginiti Insurance in Aston, PA, we’ll help you understand your RV coverage options so you can make good decisions in protecting your valuable investment.   

Coverage Options

When purchasing motor home insurance, consider how you will be using your vehicle. RV policies vary to suit each RV owner’s individual needs. Here are some of your coverage options:

  • Liability – Pennsylvania requires that you carry minimum liability coverage for your RV. This coverage helps cover the cost of injuries or property damage to other drivers if you cause an accident. As an RV accident can cause quite a bit of damage, you’ll probably want more than the minimum to protect you against serious mishaps on the road.
  • Collision – Collision insurance will help cover the cost of repairing your motor home if you crash into another vehicle or hit a fence, tree or wall. Ideally, your collision insurance should be enough to replace your RV in case it’s a total loss.
  • Uninsured Motorist (UM) – If you’re hit by someone who doesn’t have enough insurance to pay for your damages, UM coverage will kick in to save you from having to cover your repair costs out-of-pocket.
  • Personal Property – Property insurance compensates you for the loss of personal possessions such as dishes, clothing or electronics as you travel. If they’re stolen or destroyed in an accident, property coverage will help compensate you for your loss.

Customized RV Policy

You can customize your motor home insurance by selecting only the coverage you need. Talk to an agent from Fulginiti Insurance in Aston, PA, today for all your RV insurance needs.

How does the “cooling off” period for motorcycle insurance work?

Your motorcycle brings you pride, but you do not always enjoy paying the insurance premium. It is not that you do not want to pay for coverage. You understand the importance of a good indemnity policy. It is just difficult for you to comprehend paying the full amount for insurance every month while your motorcycle sits in storage. Did you know that there is a “cooling off” period for motorcycle insurance that is better known as a temporary indemnity policy? The agents at Fulginiti Insurance can help!

What is temporary insurance?

As its name implies, temporary insurance is an indemnity plan that offers coverage for a short period. Some bikers take advantage of such a plan when renting someone else’s motorcycle for a day or week. There is also temporary insurance that drivers can pay for by the month. 

How does the “cooling off” period play into things?

Seasonal insurance is a temporary indemnity plan that allows you to have a policy for your bike during the months that you plan to drive. You can, for instance, choose a seasonal indemnity plan that pays for coverage during the summer months and choose a different temporary insurance plan for winter in Aston, PA.

Those interested in reducing coverage during the winter, when motorcycles are typically in storage, may be interested in motorcycle storage insurance. This type of coverage is designed to cover damages that a bike may incur while stored in a garage or public facility. You cannot legally drive your bike with a storage insurance policy. You will need to restore coverage to standard premium rates when you decide to take your motorcycle on the road.

The agents at Fulginiti Insurance in Aston, PA can help you find the motorcycle insurance policy that best suits your lifestyle. Call us today to get started with a quote!

What Does Umbrella Insurance Mean?

Your insurance policies form a safety net that protects your long term financial health. However, even the most well-planned network of coverages can sometimes fail. When catastrophe strikes, an umbrella insurance policy from Fulginiti Insurance can provide extra protection for your Philadelphia or Aston, PA area lifestyle. What is umbrella insurance and how does it help you maintain your financial health?

The Basics of Umbrella Insurance

An umbrella insurance policy is built to provide extra coverage for your existing policies. It doesn’t replace your auto, home, or commercial insurance. Instead, it supplements those coverages to ensure that you always have the funds you need to rebuild your life after a payout is triggered.

When your primary policy doesn’t quite cover your needs, your umbrella policy makes up the difference. Legal fees, court-ordered penalties, and judgments don’t have to empty your personal savings. By adding umbrella coverage to your insurance strategy, you protect your cash reserves and personal property from legal actions associated with property damage, bodily injury, libel, and slander.

More than just legal assistance, your umbrella policy also protects your lifestyle. What happens when your brand new car is totaled just days after leaving the lot? If your primary auto coverage falls short, the extra funds from your umbrella policy can help you pay off the loan on your damaged car and possibly put a down payment on a replacement.

Umbrella Insurance: A Valuable Asset for Long Term Financial Health

Building wealth requires an intelligent plan. When you’re working out the details of your financial future, consider the benefits of umbrella insurance in your long term plan. With a customized umbrella policy from Fulginiti Insurance, you can:

  • Keep your cash savings safe.
  • Know that you can rebuild your commercial or personal property after a catastrophe.
  • Be able to afford effective legal representation, no matter what the issue.

Contact our agents to talk about how umbrella insurance can directly benefit your Philadelphia or Aston, PA lifestyle.