Items You Didn’t Realize Home Insurance Covers

It’s not always obvious what home insurance in Aston, PA covers and there are some items included that you may have not even realized. Check your coverage with your agent at Fulginiti Insurance.

Random Home Insurance Coverage

Spoiled Food: If you lose power for an extended period of time and there is food in your fridge that went to waste, you could be covered up to a certain amount. This doesn’t apply if your fridge bites the dust.

Dog Bites: Liability coverage will usually extend to dog bites. However, it’s important to check with your policy and make sure your dog is covered. Some insurance companies won’t cover certain dog breeds.

Gravestones: If you are the primary caretaker and even if it’s not kept on your property, many policies will consider a gravestone as personal property. If a family member’s headstone is vandalized, then you could find some coverage.

Pairs and Sets: If something is stolen or damaged and it’s part of a set, then you should have coverage for the entire group of items. This way you can replace the whole item instead of looking for a piece.

Space Debris: The odds of your house getting hit with something from space are small, but it has happened in the past. Satellites, meteorites, and bits of airplanes are covered under a falling objects clause in most policies.

Your Lost Luggage: This may be a travel nightmare, but this falls under the off-premise coverage. This coverage protects your belongings that are away from your house, and a suitcase that is full of your belongings counts.

Fire Department Bills: It can be common for the fire department to send you a bill if they have been called to your house. Depending on the reason they came, home insurance may cover it.

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