What Does Umbrella Insurance Mean?

Your insurance policies form a safety net that protects your long term financial health. However, even the most well-planned network of coverages can sometimes fail. When catastrophe strikes, an umbrella insurance policy from Fulginiti Insurance can provide extra protection for your Philadelphia or Aston, PA area lifestyle. What is umbrella insurance and how does it help you maintain your financial health?

The Basics of Umbrella Insurance

An umbrella insurance policy is built to provide extra coverage for your existing policies. It doesn’t replace your auto, home, or commercial insurance. Instead, it supplements those coverages to ensure that you always have the funds you need to rebuild your life after a payout is triggered.

When your primary policy doesn’t quite cover your needs, your umbrella policy makes up the difference. Legal fees, court-ordered penalties, and judgments don’t have to empty your personal savings. By adding umbrella coverage to your insurance strategy, you protect your cash reserves and personal property from legal actions associated with property damage, bodily injury, libel, and slander.

More than just legal assistance, your umbrella policy also protects your lifestyle. What happens when your brand new car is totaled just days after leaving the lot? If your primary auto coverage falls short, the extra funds from your umbrella policy can help you pay off the loan on your damaged car and possibly put a down payment on a replacement.

Umbrella Insurance: A Valuable Asset for Long Term Financial Health

Building wealth requires an intelligent plan. When you’re working out the details of your financial future, consider the benefits of umbrella insurance in your long term plan. With a customized umbrella policy from Fulginiti Insurance, you can:

  • Keep your cash savings safe.
  • Know that you can rebuild your commercial or personal property after a catastrophe.
  • Be able to afford effective legal representation, no matter what the issue.

Contact our agents to talk about how umbrella insurance can directly benefit your Philadelphia or Aston, PA lifestyle.