Make Sure Your Motorcycle Insurance Meets the Pennsylvania Requirements

Just like automobiles, the state of Pennsylvania requires motorcycle insurance for the two- and three-wheeled vehicles on its roads. Fulginiti Insurance of Aston, PA wants you to understand the state’s requirements, so you ride safer. The state of Pennsylvania defines a motorcycle as a two- or three-wheeled vehicle with an engine of 51 CCs or greater. You must insure this size vehicle against bodily injury and property damage at least in the following minimums:

  • per person bodily injury protection of at least $15,000
  • per accident bodily injury protection of at least $30,000
  • per accident property damage protection of $5,000

While this lets you drive legally on the roads in the state, like most financial advisors, Fulginiti Insurance of Aston, PA recommends you purchase insurance that covers other situations as well. This includes comprehensive and collision insurance policies. Here is what each of the other types of vehicular policies does.

  • Comprehensive: after you pay the deductible, this policy covers the cost of repairs to your motorcycle when its sustains damage from a named peril
  • Collision: It includes a deductible which you must pay before it covers the repairs to your vehicle that you incur when in an accident with an object or vehicle
  • Emergency roadside assistance: pays for you to have roadside assistance when your motorcycle breaks, you are involved in an accident, you run out of gas, etc.

You might also consider medical payments coverage, so your medical bills get covered if a deer hits your motorcycle, or an uninsured motorist hits you. Rental car coverage pays for your rental car while your motorcycle gets repaired or replaced. Contact Fulginiti Insurance today to learn more about Pennsylvania motorcycle insurance. Let us help you stay safer on the road.