Is Umbrella Insurance Coverage for You?

Insurance is designed to protect you, your family, and your assets from unfortunate events that can cost you financially. Personal umbrella coverage adds extra liability protection to your insurance portfolio. By learning more about umbrella insurance, you can determine if it’s a good fit for you. These umbrella insurance facts from Fulginiti Insurance can help make your decision.

Understanding Umbrella Coverage in Pennsylvania

Umbrella insurance is extra liability protection above your home, auto, or boat insurance coverage. It’s designed to protect you against large liability claims and lawsuits that pose a risk of depleting your financial assets.

Umbrella policies only come into play after an event has exhausted the liability coverage of your other policies. In other words, it works in conjunction with other insurance coverage.

Personal umbrella insurance typically covers bodily injury claims, personal injury claims, property damage claims, and landlord liability issues.

Is Umbrella Insurance for You?

Although anyone can benefit from the protection that umbrella policies have to offer, it can be beneficial for people with substantial assets such as a home, auto, boat, RV, a business, investment funds, etc., as they’re more likely to get sued for serious accidents they cause.

If you’re held responsible for an accident and damages exceed your other policies’ liability limits, your umbrella policy will pay the extra medical or property damage costs, so these expenses don’t come out of your own pocket. Umbrella insurance will also protect your assets from lawsuits up to the limits of your policy.

Umbrella policies cover your entire family to include your spouse, children, parents, or other relatives living in your household if they don’t have liability coverage under any other policy.

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