The Right Condo Insurance Policy for Your Needs

Insuring a condo isn’t quite the same as insuring a single-family house. They have different needs and goals when it comes to the right coverage. But with a knowledgeable insurance agent on your side, you can get a condo insurance policy that will meet all your needs. Then you’ll have the protection you want and expect, along with feeling like you have an advocate, as well. At Fulginiti Insurance, we help customers in the Philadelphia, PA area find the policies they need to keep their condos safe and secure.

When you insure a condo, you’re really covering only your unit. That’s the interior walls of your dwelling and the items contained in your space. The rest of the building isn’t your responsibility, so you don’t have to cover the entire structure like you would with a house. The condo association is responsible for insuring the entire structure, but they aren’t going to cover the individual units or anything you put into them. That’s why you need a good policy for your own protection and why it’s so important to work with an agent who understands how condo insurance works and the needs you have when it comes to coverage.

By reaching out to us today at Fulginiti Insurance, you can get your Philadelphia, PA area condo insurance needs met quickly and efficiently. Our dedicated agents are professionals in the insurance industry and are here to help you choose a policy that will give you the coverage and protection important to you. Condo living can be a great choice for many people, but it’s a little different from owning a detached dwelling like a home. That’s why the insurance is different and why it’s important to have a trusted agent on your side.